What is Pistol and Rifle Shooting?

What is the purpose of pistol and rifle shooting? My purpose is to become more proficient with my firearm so I am able to hit my target every time.

Pistol Shooting

A pistol, either a revolver or semi-automatic is a gun meant to be fired with one hand. Commonly referred to as a handgun many people choose to use Govt-Modelboth hands when shooting to help control recoil. Other people choose to just use one hand.

It makes no difference whether you use one hand or two as long as you use the right stance and can hit your target. Pistols are commonly used for self defense but there has been an increase in people using pistols for hunting.

Rifle Shooting

A rifle regardless of what type of action is meant to be fired from the shoulder using both hands. Commonly called a long gun this is what most people choose to hunt with. In most cases a rifle will be more accurate at ar15-riflelonger ranges and more powerful. While used mostly for hunting they are sometimes used for self defense.

Their Purpose

The purpose of a pistol or rifle is to allow you the shooter to hit your target at a distance. Whether hunting or self-defense the ability to hit your target at a distance helps to keep you safe.

I should note here that a pistol or rifle is a weapon. It is designed to allow you to put a projectile into your target either killing it or incapacitating it. Most modern guns do this quite effectively. It is up to you the shooter to be able to hit your target, be it a game animal or a violent criminal. So shooting your pistol or rifle and becoming a good shot just makes sense.

Why Shoot?

There are many reasons to shoot, the first is that it is just plain fun. Another reason to shoot is that it will improve your gun handling skills. This will give you confidence in your gun and your ability to hit your target.

Just like any other sport the key to success is practice. The more you practice the better shooter you will become. So shoot as often as you can and enjoy it.


As a CCW permit holder I try to go to the range at least once a month. This keeps my shooting skills sharp and helps me to relax while enjoying something that I like. I don’t get to shoot as much as I used to because of the price of ammunition but I still get to the range as often as I can.

I also would recommend joining a gun club or have someone you can go to the range with. A little friendly shooting competition never hurts.

Johnny Crumpton

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