How to shoot cheaper

The one thing that keeps most shooter from shooting is the cost. Range fees, the cost of ammo all get in the way of shooting. So how can you shoot cheaper? There are a few ways which we will discuss here.

Range Fees

Unless you have a safe place to shoot you more than likely have to go to your local gun range. If you shoot a lot at the same range you might consider trying to get a cheaper range fee. If you shoot a lot at the same range they might consider letting you shoot there at a lower cost. It never hurts to ask, especially if you are a repeat customer they may let you shoot in their slow hours at a cheaper rate to keep your business. You never know unless you ask.

Join a Shooting Club

Some ranges offer discount packages or membership fees which allow you to shoot at their range for a cheaper price. Some ranges may also give you a discount if you are part of a shooting club that shoots there on a regular basis. If you are part of a shooting club that can provide say five shooters once or twice a month/week the range may very well give you a discount to get your business. Have your club president inquire at the range. Once again you never know unless you ask.

Shoot Cheaper Ammo

When I say shoot cheaper ammo I do not mean shoot crappy ammo. There are many ammo manufactures that are not name brand ammo makers, ie., ” remington, winchester, sig sauer, etc.” that make top quality ammo that you can buy at a reduced price. For example a box of remington .41 magnum full metal jacket bullets costs me around $55 to $65 dollars a box. I can get the exact same ammo from another ammo manufacture for around $25 to $30 dollars a box. Same type of ammo that shoots just as good as name brand ammo.

You should always have complete confidence in your ammo, whether for hunting or self-defense, you want it to go bang when you pull the trigger. I have been shooting ammo from alternative ammo manufactures for almost forty years now with no problems. If you are worried about buying from an alternative ammo manufacture then just start with one box and if you like the way it shoots then buy another from the same alternative ammo manufacture. I know you will like the savings. The best places to find alternative ammo manufactures are at gun shows or your local gun range.

Reloading Your Own Ammo

Reloading your own ammo is not hard. It just needs to be done properly and safely. When reloading your own ammo it is best to have a place without any distractions. It also helps to have a system to prevent any misloads. I have been reloading for forty years and I always do it the same way every time. I will have more on this in the reloading section.

Reloading like shooting has rules: SAFETY First!!! Modern gunpowder is classified as a propellant, but it is still an explosive, as are the primers. Follow all safety rules all of the time or you could regret it! Here are a few of the safety rules for reloading.

1. Never reload when you are tired or sleepy. 2. No SMOKING !!! Gun powder is an explosive. 3. Only reload brass shell casings, other types of casings can damage your reloading dies or gun. 4. Develop a system and follow it every time. 5. Never have more than one type of powder out at one time and never mix different powder types. 6. Follow your reloading manual and only use their recommended powder charges. Most reloading manuals give a minimum and a maximum reloading charge. As long as you stay between these charges you will be safe. As I stated above I will have more about this in the reloading  section.


So there you have it, a few of the ways to which you can shoot cheaper. As always shoot safely and have fun.

Johnny Crumpton

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